Energy Star Partnership

Noesis Energy & Energy Star Portfolio Manager


Noesis Energy, an official Energy Star partner, is integrated with Energy Star Portfolio Manager to automate the exchange of facility and consumption data between the two services.  Through this partnership, Noesis Energy end users simply enter their Portfolio Manager login credentials into the Noesis Facility Upload Page and that end user's buildings and consumption data will be automatically synced with their free energy management dashboard.  In addition, all future updates to Portfolio Manager, such as new buildings or updated consumption data, will also be automatically updated in Noesis.


What does Noesis provide in addition to what's provided through Portfolio Manager?  Portfolio Manager delivers a long and growing list of benefits to building energy professionals.  Its most popular feature is its calculation of an Energy Star score, which determines which buildings are officially rated as 'Energy Star.'   The Noesis Energy energy management dashboard extends Portfolio Manager to allow ongoing tracking of consumption data (vs. the forecast consumption via the adjusted baseline), calculate and customize baseline regression models (that conform to ASHRAE and IPMVP guidelines), generate monthly reports and graphs on consumption and costs by building and by portfolio, and much more.  Noesis Energy's energy management dashboard does not replace Portfolio Manager; it extends it.  


Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?  


Noesis accesses your Portfolio Manager account data through Energy Star’s Automated Benchmarking System (ABS). This system allows Energy Service Providers (ESPs) like Noesis to exchange data with the Portfolio Manager System.


What does Noesis provide that Portfolio Manager does not?

Noesis enables you to see the underlying baseline models for each of your energy meters to better understand how energy is consumed. Also, Noesis reports allow you to track energy performance and measure savings at the meter, facility and portfolio level using the methodologies defined in ASHRAE Guideline 14-2002 and IPMVP Volume I, EVO 10000 - 1:2012.


What if my monthly data is automatically uploaded into Portfolio Manager?

Noesis regularly checks with Portfolio Manager and copies any new data, such as new buildings or the latest month's consumption data.  


Can it support multiple Portfolio Manager accounts?  

Yes, Noesis supports integration with multiple Portfolio Manager accounts. Each Portfolio Manager account will appear as a separate portfolio within Noesis. 


Does Noesis do anything to my data in Portfolio Manager?  

No. Noesis does not modify any data you have in Portfolio Manager. Modifying or removing information in Noesis will not impact your data in Portfolio Manager.


How often does Noesis pull data from Portfolio Manager?

Noesis automatically downloads your data when a new Portfolio Manager account is added and then pulls new data every 30 days.