How It Works

Monthly Payment Plans, Online Sales Tools, and Expert Services to Help Your Business Grow

Noesis makes it simple for you to include attractive monthly payment plans with your quotes. How? We give you what you need to generate and present monthly payment plans and we provide expert services along the way to help you win the deal.

1 Flexible Payment Options to Meet Your Customer’s Needs

Specialized Payment Plans

Promotional periods and low interest payment plans. Lowest municipal rates. Custom payment plans for lighting, HVAC, and more. All to meet the unique purchasing needs of commercial building owners.

Fast Online Process with High Approvals

Apply once and get access to a syndicate of lenders with approved payment terms in 48 hours. Industry-high approval rates. Funding within days.

100% Financing Available

Finance equipment and soft costs, such as engineering and installation. No money out of pocket for the borrower. Financing can be used as bridge for utility rebates.

2 Online Tools & Resources to Offer Payment Plans

CFO-friendly “One Pager”

Auto-generated one-page executive summary with payment options. Tells the building owner why they should do the project and how they can pay for it.

Customized Homepage

Branded webpage for tracking all of your projects, downloading sales materials, and instantly generating payment estimates for your projects.

Customized Sales Materials

Co-branded collateral and other sales resources to let your customers know you offer attractive payment options.

3 Expert Services to Help You Each Step of the Way

Account Managers

Noesis’ account team helps you market and sell the benefits of payment plans for building equipment purchases.

Project Consultants

Our team of project consultants work with you to analyze, optimize, and present simple to complex energy efficiency projects.

Loan Specialists

Noesis’ team will hand-hold your customer from initial financing discussion to final funds transfer.

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