Video: Accelerating Sales Cycles with One-Page Project Summaries

by Noesis

People who are successful at selling energy efficiency (EE) projects tends to agree: a one-page project summary in the language of the CFO is the most effective way to get your project considered by building owners. Why? They don't have time to thumb through a 20-page energy audit. They want the punchline on the first page. And, they want an investment analysis, like all of their other capital projects.

At Noesis, we've been getting requests for one pagers for a long time, and after collaborating with several partners we now have one. Right now available to select partners, the one pager – called the Executive Business Case – will be generated for all projects entered into Noesis. What's in it? It includes an investment analysis ("here's why you should do the project") and payment options ("here's how you can pay for it"). It's a terrific piece of sales collateral that is getting rave reviews from our partners (that is, folks like you who use Noesis) and building owners. It's terrific at driving engagement with your customers.

In this webinar recording, learn more about the Executive Business Case and how our partners are using it in their sales.