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Noesis Marketing Services gets your company's message and proven success stories in front of thousands of energy professionals who design, propose and implement new energy projects every day. Noesis also provides you with the collaborative online platform to discuss your products and services, list customer testimonials and store all of your digital product documents and literature.

Build Trust through Verified Case Studies

Case studies are consistently cited by efficiency product and service providers as one of the most effective sales tools. The challenge is that too many case studies are not believable &nash; they often lack customer testimonials and they purport results that seem “too good to be true” and lack critical implementation details. This unfortunately undermines the credibility all industry case studies, including yours!

Noesis offers Verified Case Studies to help re-establish trust in energy efficiency case studies. Here is how it works – Noesis provides 3rd party verification of case study details and data by independently interviewing customers to confirm project details and verifying project success by measuring actual energy savings. The results are collected and published in an online format that is accessible on Noesis and can be listed on company websites. Learn More 

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Promote your products and services in the place where professionals go to develop and propose energy projects. Thousands of energy professionals and industry through leaders rely on the Noesis platform for research, education and discussion everyday.

Noesis Verified Case Studies are accessible throughout Noesis, ensuring your products and services are a part of the real-time energy efficiency discussion. In addition, Noesis customers get online company pages on Noesis to promote white papers, videos and other sales materials, and to field questions about your products and services asked by Noesis users.

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