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Noesis Energy Announces Support for Green Button Initiative

Lets Commercial Green Button Users Automatically Import Energy Usage Data to Noesis Free Energy Management Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 1, 2012 – Noesis Energy, the leading free energy management platform, announced its support for Green Button, the industry-led and White House-supported initiative to provide residential and commercial electricity customers with easy, one-click access to their historical and ongoing energy usage data. With this information, end users can leverage an increasing number of energy analysis tools, such as Noesis Energy, to make more informed decisions about how to reduce their energy usage and costs.

Officially launched in September of this year, Noesis Energy is a free energy management website for commercial, industrial and institutional facility and energy professionals. The site provides an extensive set of energy analysis tools and reports, which are supported by a broad range of Noesis and user-provided educational materials and an online community for Q&A and open-ended discussions on energy topics. The site is free to all end users and third party consultants, and is supported through paid sponsors who promote their products and services in designated tools and through services to facilitate the use of the Noesis platform.

As illustrated by the wide and diverse support for Green Button, access to energy usage data presents one of the largest obstacles for organizations focused on proactive energy management. Collecting the information from utilities directly or keying in data from paper bills can be time consuming and error prone. By supporting Green Button, Noesis Energy can allow Green Button users to automatically collect and upload their data into the Noesis platform, keeping their energy analysis reports and analyses up-to-date.

“One of our most popular features is our ability to use industry-accepted standards to automatically calculate savings from efficiency projects, but this requires energy usage data from before and after the project was completed,” said Scott Harmon, CEO of Noesis Energy. “That data can be time consuming to get every month, but Green Button now lets users upload that information directly so efficiency project savings are automatically calculated and tracked.”

Noesis Energy expects to complete Green Button integration if the first half of 2013.

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