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Commercial building owners want to say 'yes' to efficiency improvements and generate incremental cash flow, but most say 'no' because they lack the information and budget to make these equipment investments. Noesis is here to help.

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About Us

Noesis helps commercial building owners increase the value of their real estate by making informed investment decisions in energy-related equipment, such as LED lights, solar panels and building controls. Noesis combines in-house efficiency project financing expertise and proprietary project valuation technology with a range of innovative financing vehicles. Together, these give building owners the information they need to evaluate energy-related investments, and the third party financing required to make those investments.

Noesis provides building owners with third party evaluations of energy projects and flexible financing options, from standard equipment leases to Noesis' proprietary savings-based loans. Noesis is used by local and national real estate owners, as well as over 150 US commercial energy equipment and services companies who use Noesis to help them win more of their project proposals and grow their business.

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