Lending to Make Buildings Better

Commercial building owners want to say 'yes' to efficiency improvements and generate incremental cash flow, but most say 'no' because they lack the information and budget to make these equipment investments. Noesis is here to help.

About Us

Noesis helps commercial energy efficiency (EE) equipment vendors grow their business by helping them close more deals, and close them faster. Using the Noesis EE project sales and financing platform and working directly with our team of EE project and financing experts, our partners work with us to provide their customers a 3rd party analysis of a proposal's investment opportunity as well as flexible 3rd party financing to help their customers both understand and pay for the projects.

Noesis is used by over 200 equipment vendors who primarily sell energy efficient lighting, HVAC systems and building controls. Noesis' partners propose thousands of projects to commercial building owners each year, representing billions of dollars in equipment purchases. To date, Noesis partners have proposed over 1,000 projects using the Noesis platform, representing over $500,000,000 in EE equipment sales.

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