Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build Noesis?

We built Noesis because we strongly believe there is no single place with all of the resources necessary for commercial and industrial organizations to understand and manage their energy consumption and costs. Make no mistake; there is no shortage of informative government and academic papers, specialized software tools and free resources on local utility websites. And, there are thousands of expert energy professionals – from energy auditors to commissioning agents to HVAC contractors – who are ready to help. There simply is no place where all of those resources and professionals come together. Until Noesis.

Who did you build it for?

We built Noesis for the energy professional. This is not only official energy managers and energy consultants, but also the "accidental energy manager." Who's the accidental energy manager? It's anyone who – like a facility manager or building owner – is tasked with managing and, ultimately, reducing energy costs. The title is not important – if you care about reducing energy costs, we built this site for you.

What does your website let me do?

At Noesis we are all about helping you get more projects done. From helping spark new ideas for energy projects to getting you the resources you need to successfully complete projects in your current pipeline.

Our free website provides a collection of free energy apps and resources that help you do things like: identify available financing options for your energy project, calculate estimated savings for a proposed lighting project, share best practices and exchange ideas with peers, get advice from and collaboration with experts, read blogs, product reviews and case studies from leading-edge practitioners and participate in technology-specific topic channels to stay on the pulse of new innovations in the field. We're adding new features and bringing in new members all of the time.

We also offer Noesis Pro- a poweful set of SaaS-based tools and services that are designed to help energy professionals get passed some of the most common hurdles in getting projects completed and approved. From finding new business and up-selling current clients to securing project finance and building trust through 3rd party verification Noesis Pro is a comprehensive solution to help you do more energy projects. Learn More

How much does it cost?

Access to the basic Noesis website is free.

Noesis Pro customers pay a user-based subscription fee and additional charges may apply for optional service provided by Noesis Project Specialists.