Noesis Verified Case Studies

Noesis Verified Case Studies allow businesses that sell products and services for energy efficiency to share the specifics about their successful projects, in a manner that is verified for accuracy. This helps product vendors, distributors, consultants, and building managers build confidence and trust around the energy savings business cases for their own projects, resulting in more projects getting done.

How does it work?

Noesis provides 3rd party verification by independently interviewing customers, confirming project details, and confirming project success and reporting actual energy savings. The results are collected and published as Verified Case Studies on the Noesis platform as an online resource.

Verified Case Studies are verified on two levels:

1. Project Verification

2. Energy Savings Verification

The Case Study Redefined

Traditional Case Studies

Are not verified – results data & savings figures are developed by same people who performed the project

Don’t always feature testimonials – when they do they are also obtained by the same people who performed the project

Are static – they have limited space for images, graphs and charts and are typically dense and text heavy

Are bound by layout constraints – forcing authors to choose what info to highlight which often doesn’t tell the whole story

Are typically printed or emailed as PDF’s – they get buried under stacks of paper or deleted in email boxes and are difficult to share

Noesis Verified Case Studies

Are verified by a 3rd party – who validate project details, energy & financial savings

Always feature customer testimonials – obtained by a 3rd party for accuracy

Are dynamic – Allow authors to feature as many project photos as they want as well as visually appealing and interactive savings charts and graphs

Give the customer the whole picture – displayed in a streamlined, easy to read and visually appealing format

Are an online resource that can’t get lost – they can be shared in email marketing, social media promotions, embedded on company websites and live on Noesis

Project Verification

Projects verified by Noesis undergo two verification processes. The first is verification of project details. This verification is specifically targeted to confirm and verify the details surround the project installation and customer satisfaction with the project process. The details verified during this process include:

Facility details and location

Project completion date

Project scope & goals

Project satisfaction

Testimonials statements from clients

Please see the following disclosures regarding Noesis Case Study Verifications.

Energy Savings Verification

The second verification in the process is energy savings verification. This verification relates specifically to validation of energy and costs savings reported by the project manager or installer. In this process Noesis engineers verify project results using industry best practices and standards including IPMVP Option C (whole building comparison), ASHRAE Guideline 14 and ASTM E2797 Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA). The steps involved in calculating savings include:

Collecting at least 12 months of utility data before the project

Collecting at least 12 months of utility data after the project

Creation of a baseline normalized for weather and any other independent variables that impact energy usage

Please see the following disclosures regarding Noesis Case Study Verifications.

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