Flexible Monthly Payment Plans for Commercial Building Equipment

Noesis helps building owners replace failed or end-of-life energy-consuming building equipment or upgrade to new, more-efficient models – when they don't have the budget or would prefer to pay over time.

Noesis offers payment plans designed for energy-consuming building equipment, such as chillers, boilers, building controls, and lighting. Features of Noesis financing include:

  • Credit available from $10,000 to $5,000,000
  • 100% financing available with no money out of pocket
  • Engineering, installation & other costs financeable
  • Fast approvals – high approval rates
  • Paperless online application – less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Backed by syndicate of world’s largest providers of credit for equipment purchases

Interested in exploring Noesis' monthly payment plans? Click the Calculate Payments button and fill out our brief application. We'll get back to you with your approved payment terms within 48 hours. And, don't worry, there's no obligation by applying and the application does not impact your business credit.

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Eligible Energy-Consuming Building Equipment



Steam System

Building Controls

Energy Mgmt Systems

Efficient Lighting

Eff. Lighting (Cannabis)

Building Retrofits


Combined Heat & Power

Simple & Fast Funding Process

1. Apply Online
Process takes less than 5 minutes.
2. Get Approved
Approval times are as short as 24 hours.
3. Get Funded
Quickly realize the benefits of your new equipment.
Have a question or need a more flexible payment plan? Contact us at finance@noesis.com or 1.781.352.0820.

Recently Funded Projects

HVAC & Controls for Office Building

Project Cost: $225,948

LED Lighting for Pediatric Clinic

Project Cost: $19,102

LED Lighting for Indoor Tennis Club

Project Cost: $93,205

Financing with Noesis - FAQ

Who is Noesis?

Noesis is an online marketplace lender exclusively focused on providing commercial equipment leasing for companies of all types and sizes. We use cutting–edge technology to match your needs with trusted, federal and state chartered financial institutions. Noesis provides financing though some of the largest financial institutions in the U.S.

Why should I borrow from Noesis and not someone else?

Noesis assigns each loan application to a specific Loan Specialist to help understand your needs and guide you through the process. Your Noesis Loan Specialist analyzes your project and company, and then matches you with a lender in our syndicate of leading institutional lenders. Because of our relationships with our lenders, we are able to pre-negotiate very competitive rates and terms, dramatically reducing the approval time for your loan.

How are you different than a bank?

We know time is money. Unlike a bank, our application process is quick, transparent, and easy. We also don’t only use credit scores to determine the health of your business, rather, we combine technology with seasoned underwriters to better understand your business and find terms to suit your needs.

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Still have a question? Contact 1.781.352.0820

Is there a fee to apply? By applying am I committing to do this project?

No, applying is completely free. By applying you are simply being approved to finance your project. There is no agreement to complete the project nor finance it by applying.

Is there someone I can call to discuss my particular situation?

Absolutely! You can reach out to our Loan Specialists at 1.781.352.0820 (8am-5pm M-F CST) or finance@noesis.com, who can guide you through the process.

Does the application impact my business credit rating? Can I receive a copy of my business credit report?

No. Unlike personal credit applications, a business credit application does not impact your business credit. Additionally, as part of the application process we can provide you with a copy of your business credit report*.
*Subject to availability by credit bureaus

Is the information I share with you secure?

Yes, see our Noesis Privacy Policy.

What documentation is required with my application?

We begin with just the basic online application. If additional documentation is required prior to approval, your assigned Loan Specialist will reach out to you to request further documentation.

How long does the process take?

The online credit application takes only a few minutes to complete. Within 48 hours, the Noesis credit team will email the approved payment terms.

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Still have a question? Contact 1.781.352.0820

Privacy & Security

Numerous building owners and developers entrust Noesis with their building and financial data. Here at Noesis we take your security and privacy seriously. We ensure your business and personal data is kept secure and collect only as much information as required to provide our services.

We use the most advanced security technology available. Our goal is to provide transparency about our security infrastructure, policies, and procedures to ensure you know how your data is being protected.

Application and User Security

SSL/TLS Encryption: All communication between you and the Noesis servers is encrypted via SSL using 2048-bit certificates and we require TLS 1.2 on all communications.

User Authentication: User data throughout our system is protected by a security management system to ensure that access is strictly controlled. Data is locked down and not available to anyone unless it’s specifically permitted based on security management rules. All user accounts require usernames, passwords to be entered each time a user logs into the system. Noesis uses a session cookie to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of the specific session.

Passwords: User passwords have minimum complexity requirements and are stored based on NIST-888 recommendations.

Data Encryption: Sensitive data such as credit data is stored in encrypted format using AES-256 encryption following the recommendations of NIST Special Publication 888-132 and FIPS 140-2 approved encryption methods.

Privacy: We have a comprehensive privacy policy that provides a transparent view on how we handle your data.

Physical Security

Data Centers: All Noesis information systems infrastructure is located at third party ISO 27001, SOC 1, AICPA: AT 801 compliant data-centers ensuring systems are secure and under proper environmental control 24x7. Location: Noesis' data-centers are located on both the east and west coast of the United States.

Your Responsibilities

Keeping your data secure also depends on you ensuring that you maintain the security of your account by using sufficiently complicated passwords and storing them safely. You should also ensure that you have sufficient security on your own systems, to keep any survey data you download to your own computer away from prying eyes.